There’s a Reason for Hope


Come and Find It.

We’re a new, start-up church—Hope City Edinburgh. We’ve found real hope in Jesus, a hope that’s worth sharing. Come and join us as we explore faith together and seek to know God more. No matter what your background, you can belong here.

Sundays at 10:30 AM

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“I like the informality, kindness and
generosity of the people we’ve met.”

Upcoming Christmas Events:

Christmas Crafts Night- Nov 25th & 26th

Come join us as we begin our Christmas festivities with an evening of wreath decoration, songs, food and laughter. Choose a day that works best for you (or come back for more!). Buy your tickets here!

How We’re Different

For many, church means formality, uncomfortable pews, a place full of hypocrites with nothing to say about the brokenness of the world around us. That’s not us. We want to help one another live out what we believe. We don’t have it all together or all the answers, but we’ve found hope for each day in Jesus and we’re humbly walking together through life.

Why This Matters

You might never have thought that coming to church or being a part of a church community would make any difference to your life. That was also true for many of us at Hope City – but we are seeing lives transformed by the amazing good news about Jesus. Come and find this hope.

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