Our New Home

Our New Home

The Story So Far

We started meeting in April 2018 in the conference facilities of the Novotel hotel at Edinburgh Park and it’s served us really well as somewhere to gather for our first year but starting in autumn 2018 we began a search for a long-term home.

Why? There were a number of factors driving us:

  • The Novotel is periodically unavailable – they host other events, weddings and conferences, meaning we have to move out fairly regularly.
  • We have been growing – and we are getting closer and closer to the maximum capacity of their conference facilities.
  • We also have a growing need for meeting spaces for our midweek training course, Multiply, and office space for our team of staff and interns. 

In God’s goodness, after exploring a number of options ranging from warehouses to workshops with some professional help, we found an office property which looks very

building photo

Our potential new home:
17 South Gyle Crescent

suitable which is available for a 10-year lease. It’s in a good location near to where we have been meeting. It’s large enough to enable us to grow to around 200 people, and would have great spaces for the kids’ programme that we’d need at that size. It would work well as a midweek training location and as an office. It’s even got some fit-out inside we’ll be able to re-use, and a main space which has a rather nice shape for gathered worship with high ceilings at one side.


We’ve been pushing the project forward for the last few months: getting outline terms from

the landlord which we think are feasible; securing planning permission to allow us to use the space as a place of worship rather than an office; drawing up detailed designs for an interior which could serve our church well for the long term and securing the permits to do this; costing all the bits and pieces we would need to make it work: chairs, projectors, desks and the like; getting builders to quote for the fit-out work, gasping at their prices, and then seeing where we could save and what we could cut back…

It all got a bit more serious in March 2019 when the Novotel told us that they were planning a major refit of their conference facilities, and that we’d be homeless starting in June. The building project has taken on a new urgency!

Stepping out in faith

In April 2019 we arrived at an exciting milestone: we had a detailed design, we had everything costed – all the building work, all the fees, all the fittings – and we believed, even though it’s a significant amount of money for a young church, with God’s help it was a realistic project. So we “pulled the trigger” to try and make this a reality.

We asked our church family to pledge their support towards this project, anticipating this would take us a long way towards the funding that we needed – but that we would also need external help. Wonderfully, with support from our church family, friends, and supporters we were able to raise enough in just a few weeks to make the project viable – over £84,000 was ultimately pledged where we had set £65,000 as the minimum target to move forward.

In May 2019 we signed the lease, signed contractors for the building work, and finally got our building warrant! The project then moved forward quickly and on June 23rd, the first Sunday where the Novotel could no longer accommodate us, we were able (just about) to gather for worship in our new building. Things weren’t quite done: no chairs; no doors; no screens or projectors; only one working loo! But it was great to gather as family in our new home and the remaining work advanced quickly.

We’re so thankful for our new church home: somewhere to gather, somewhere to welcome new people, somewhere to worship together, somewhere to train – and somewhere to share. Please join us in giving thanks and praise to God for making this step forward possible, and pray that we would remember His goodness in the years to come.

We’d love to have you come and visit our new home any Sunday at 10:30!

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